U.S. House infrastructure bill tops $5.7B in earmarks, with $35.8M for Iowa projects

    The U.S. House infrastructure bill includes $5.7B in earmarks and $35.8M in Iowa projects. (Photo by Aleksandr Mansurov via Unsplash)

    The cost of the Iowa projects in the bill totals $35,889,400 and includes:

    Waukee — Heart of Iowa Regional Transit Agency, regional transit facility: $2,321,000

    Iowa City — Dodge Street, from Burlington Street north to Governor Street: $9,943,600

    Clinton County — Bridge replacement over Elwood Creek, 3.1 miles west of US 61: $1,144,800

    Marion County — County Road G28: $2,000,000

    Prairie City — Red Rock Prairie Trail, Iowa 117 to County Road S27: $900,000

    Des Moines — Bus replacement: $5,000,000

    West Des Moines — Mills Civic Parkway improvements: $2,000,000

    Red Oak — Red Oak Bridge replacement: $700,000

    Des Moines — The southeast connector: $7,000,000

    Johnston — Traffic Incident Management Center at Camp Dodge, phase one: $4,880,000

    If the bill is passed, districts represented by Democrats would receive the largest share of those dollars. Nearly $4 billion is designated for projects requested by Democrats, and $1.7 billion is for Republican-backed projects.