Christopher R. Cherry

Christopher R. Cherry

Christopher R. Cherry is a professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Tennessee. His research is centered on the intersection of policy, technology, travel behavior, safety and sustainability in the transportation sector. His past and current work spans the globe, with projects in Asia and the U.S. Focusing on low-impact transportation modes, much of the work of his career has aimed to understand the role of lightweight electric vehicles (micromobility) in the transportation space.


80% of fatal e-scooter crashes involve cars – new study suggests ways to prevent collisions

By: - April 19, 2021

About 30 people in the United States have been killed riding electric scooters since 2018. Most – 80% – were hit by drivers of cars. Publicly available e-scooters arrived to U.S. cities in 2017 as an energy-efficient and fun new way to get around town. By 2019, e-scooter rides had soared from zero to 88 […]