Clark Kauffman

Clark Kauffman

Deputy Editor Clark Kauffman has worked during the past 30 years as both an investigative reporter and editorial writer at two of Iowa’s largest newspapers, the Des Moines Register and the Quad-City Times. He has won numerous state and national awards for reporting and editorial writing.

State and federal data on nursing homes is incomplete and misleading

By: - July 10, 2020

Nursing homes are considered the most dangerous places to live during the COVID-19 pandemic, but state and federal officials are routinely reporting misleading information on infections in those same facilities. To date, more than 40% of all COVID-19 deaths in America have been linked to nursing homes, but collecting accurate and up-to-date information can be […]

Infections climb as Reynolds says Iowa is ‘slowing the spread’ of COVID-19

By: - July 9, 2020

With Iowa’s rate of COVID-19 infections continuing to climb, Gov. Kim Reynolds said Thursday the state is poised to “continue slowing the spread of the virus.” Last week’s 2,864 newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Iowa represents an increase of 13.4% over the previous week. A total of 563 new cases were reported on Wednesday, […]

Counselor disciplinary records kept secret by Iowa board

By: - July 9, 2020

The Iowa Board of Certification oversees the practice of 1,400 substance abuse counselors in the state, but virtually all of its work is kept confidential. Unlike state-run licensing boards that oversee social workers, EMTs, nurses and doctors, the Iowa Board of Certification is a privately run, nonprofit corporation funded entirely by fees charged for training […]

New claims for jobless benefits are on the rise again

By: - July 9, 2020

The number of newly filed claims for unemployment rose in Iowa last week as businesses around the state adjusted to a recent increase in COVID-19 infections. The number of new claims filed for the week ending July 4, was 10,698, a 38% percent increase over the previous week’s 7,732 new claims. The previous week’s total […]

State agency reports dramatic drop in advocacy for older Iowans

By: - July 8, 2020

The state agency tasked with advocating for Iowans in nursing homes dramatically scaled back visits to those facilities last year even before the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new state report. The newly released annual report of the Iowa Long-Term Care Ombudsman’s Office illustrates a sharp decline in nursing home visits, inspections, advocacy and training. […]

Iowa cop with a history of misconduct sues to keep his job

By: - July 7, 2020

An Iowa police officer with a history of misconduct in Wyoming is now suing the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy in a bid to keep his job. Strawberry Point Police Officer Jeremiah Owens is on administrative leave while appealing a recent decision by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy to deny him certification as an Iowa police […]

Attorney general casts doubt on legality of local COVID-19 orders

By: - July 7, 2020

The Iowa attorney general’s office says city and county officials cannot order residents to wear face masks as long as such orders conflict with statewide emergency declarations and public health guidelines on COVID-19. In Muscatine on Sunday, Mayor Diana Broderson attempted to read a new proclamation requiring the city’s residents to wear face masks or coverings while in […]

Why didn’t Iowa accept CDC’s offer to help with meatpacking plant infections?

By: - July 7, 2020

Iowa Department of Public Health officials aren’t saying why the state medical director rebuffed an offer of federal assistance to deal with COVID-19 outbreaks in meatpacking plants. As the Iowa Capital Dispatch reported last month, Iowa’s state medical director, Dr. Caitlin Pedati, wrote to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s regional COVID-19 response team […]

City and county leaders take action on COVID-19 threat

By: - July 6, 2020

With COVID-19 infections trending upward in some areas of Iowa, and the governor touting “positive signs of recovery,” some local officials are taking action. In Muscatine on Sunday, Mayor Diana Broderson attempted to read a new proclamation requiring the city’s residents to wear face masks or coverings while in public, but was shouted down by […]

Judge’s order shuts down Dakota Access pipeline pending review

By: - July 6, 2020

In a major victory for environmentalists and Native American tribes, a federal judge has ordered the Dakota Access Pipeline to be shut down and drained pending a new review of its impact on surrounding land and water. The ruling comes three years after crude oil began flowing through the pipeline that extends almost 1,200 miles […]

nterior of an empty courtroom with gavel and sounding block on the desk.

‘Torture’ case could cost Iowa taxpayers $5 million in legal fees

By: - July 3, 2020

Iowa taxpayers could be hit with almost $5 million in legal expenses tied to a recent court decision finding the state had “tortured” youth housed at the Boys State Training School in Eldora. In March, U.S. District Judge Stephanie Rose held the state liable for violating the constitutional rights of children at the school, which […]

Davenport nursing home death triggers a criminal investigation

By: - July 2, 2020

Davenport police are investigating the death of a resident at the ManorCare-Utica Ridge nursing home. State inspection records indicate the resident died on May 1. The man was dependent on bottled oxygen and was found unresponsive in his bed with his oxygen-delivery system removed and sitting on a nearby nightstand. He had been living at […]