Clark Kauffman

Clark Kauffman

Deputy Editor Clark Kauffman has worked during the past 30 years as both an investigative reporter and editorial writer at two of Iowa’s largest newspapers, the Des Moines Register and the Quad-City Times. He has won numerous state and national awards for reporting and editorial writing. His 2004 series on prosecutorial misconduct in Iowa was named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting. From October 2018 through November 2019, Kauffman was an assistant ombudsman for the Iowa Office of Ombudsman, an agency that investigates citizens’ complaints of wrongdoing within state and local government agencies.

IRS stands by decision on Iowa church and the use of hallucinogenic drugs

By: - December 29, 2021

The Internal Revenue Service is standing by its decision to deny tax-exempt status to a self-described church in Des Moines that allegedly uses a hallucinogenic drug in religious ceremonies. Earlier this year, the Iowaska Church of Healing sued the IRS in U.S. District Court, challenging the federal agency’s decision to deny the church status as […]

Iowa romance novelist sues over efforts to have ghostwriter take over series

By: - December 28, 2021

An Iowa writer of romance novels is suing her literary agent for allegedly attempting to take over her ongoing series of novels and have them completed by a ghostwriter. Marci Clark of Newton, who writes under the names Marci Bolden, Marci Boudreaux, M. Bolden and Emilia Mancini, is suing literary agent David Grishman of Massachusetts, […]

State wins injunction against furnace repairman implicated in death

By: - December 23, 2021

The state of Iowa has been granted an injunction against an unlicensed heating contractor accused of causing the death of a customer. Earlier this fall, the Iowa Plumbing & Mechanical Systems Board sought a court injunction that would restrain Jack Archer of Pleasant Hill from either contracting for, or performing services, in the plumbing, refrigeration […]

Iowan who allegedly stole grandmother’s painkillers denied a nursing license

By: - December 22, 2021

The Iowa Board of Nursing has refused to reinstate the license of a man accused of masquerading as a medical-waste trash collector in order to access opioids. Board records indicate the nursing license of Theodore Herrick of Jefferson was indefinitely suspended in 2017. According to the board, Herrick had entered the Stuart Community Care Center, […]

Another Iowa doctor facing competency case anonymously sues the state

By: - December 22, 2021

Another Iowa doctor is suing the state under the name “John Doe,” this time in an effort to block the Iowa Board of Medicine from issuing a public statement of charges against him. The board argues it has “competency concerns” with the physician and that its case against the doctor should be allowed to proceed […]

Board: Iowa nurse and underage patient exchanged 25,000 phone calls and texts

By: - December 21, 2021

The Iowa Board of Nursing has suspended the license of a nurse accused of engaging in more than 25,000 phone calls or text messages with an underage patient. The board alleges that Michael Schleicher of Fairfield was working as a nurse practitioner at an unspecified Iowa hospital from August 2014 to January 2020, during which […]

Funeral home director faces new allegations for undisclosed reasons

By: - December 21, 2021

The Iowa Board of Mortuary Science has filed charges against an Iowa funeral home director previously convicted of felony drug charges. However, under new procedures tied to a recent Iowa Supreme Court ruling, the board is not disclosing any of the factual circumstances that led to the charges. Court records indicate that in 2019, Eric […]

State-run Iowa Veterans Home hit by seventh COVID-19 outbreak

By: - December 17, 2021

The number of active COVID-19 outbreaks in Iowa nursing homes is continuing to decline, but a new outbreak has cropped up at the Iowa Veterans Home. According to the Iowa Department of Public Health, there were 27 outbreaks in Iowa care facilities three weeks ago, compared to 16 this week. The state agency defines a […]

Iowans accused of conspiring to violate California’s ban on puppy-mill dogs

By: - December 17, 2021

A group of Iowans are facing a potential class-action lawsuit alleging they constructed an elaborate scheme to violate California’s ban on puppy-mill dogs by laundering puppies through companies intended to look like rescue organizations. The lawsuit was filed Thursday in U.S. District Court by the Animal Legal Defense Fund on behalf of two California consumers. […]

Iowa doctor promotes ivermectin, calls masks ‘silly’ and says pandemic is over

By: - December 15, 2021

Mollie James is an Iowa-licensed doctor who doesn’t mince words when it comes to the government’s response to COVID-19. Wearing face masks in public? “It’s silly, it’s ineffective,” she says. The COVID-19 vaccines? “How many injured or dead do you need to see before you understand the shot is a bad idea?” she asks. The […]

September trial date set for public-records lawsuit against Sand

By: - December 14, 2021

A September 2022 trial date has been scheduled in a lawsuit alleging Iowa Auditor of State Rob Sand violated the state’s Open Records Law. The lawsuit was filed in October by the Kirkwood Institute, a nonprofit organization that calls itself a “nonpartisan” but “conservative public-interest law firm.” It is run by former Muscatine County Attorney […]

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Federal agency says it now discloses all nursing home fines

By: - December 13, 2021

The federal agency that oversees nursing homes in the United States says it is changing policy and is now publicly posting all care facility fines regardless of whether they’ve been paid. The change comes amid mounting criticism over the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Care Compare website, which the agency promotes as a tool […]