Dave Nagle

Dave Nagle

Dave Nagle, of Cedar Falls, is a former Iowa Democratic Party state chairman and three-term U.S. congressman from Iowa.


The donkey lives! Iowa Democrats are doing more than listening

By: - March 14, 2023

There’s an old story about a minister who wanted his parishioners to think more deeply about the hereafter. One Sunday morning when all were gathered in their pews, he called three men to the front of the church and asked them to turn and face the congregation. He then said to the three, “Imagine you […]


Governor drafts veterans into her war on the poor

By: - March 4, 2023

Yolando Loveless, veteran of 30 years of military service and the director of the Veterans Affairs Commission of Black Hawk County, says we have approximately 7,200 veterans living in our county with 1,900 of them eligible to receive additional benefits because of service-related disabilities. The program is overseen by the Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs. […]


The DNC’s abandonment of the Iowa caucuses: ‘It hurt’

By: - February 6, 2023

It hurt. I was sitting with a reporter Saturday morning, after the Democratic National Committee’s deliberations over the future of the Iowa Caucuses and New Hampshire primary’s first-in-the-nation status. He asked me how it felt, after it became clear that we were, in the eyes of the national party, history. I simply said, “It hurt.” […]


Iowa’s latest test for democracy: Fighting for the Iowa caucuses

By: and - January 25, 2023

The greatest moments in our nation’s history do not happen on a schedule or timeline. They often arise in obscure places utterly unaware of the true consequences of the event. Take, for example,  an unknown hill outside of Boston called Bunker. That almost unintended battle was the first step to the United States becoming a […]