Gina Woodall

Gina Woodall

Gina Woodall is a senior lecturer in the School of Politics and Global Studies since July 2007. She received her bachelor's, master's and doctorate from Arizona State University. Woodall's teaching interests include research methods, American government, statistics, and women in politics. Her primary research interests are social media in the political science classroom and gender, the media, and negative campaigns. She has co-authored several book chapters and journal articles with colleagues.


3 scholars explain Senate results in South Carolina, Iowa and Arizona – and what they say about voters

By: , and - November 7, 2020

The past few election cycles have seen notable geographical shifts in voting. Rural voters – already a bedrock of GOP support – have supported the party by wider margins. The 2018 midterms, meanwhile, showed the suburbs increasingly turning blue. Going into this year’s general election, political observers wanted to know: Would these trends persist in […]