Hui Hu

Hui Hu

Hui Hu is an aerospace and mechanical engineer who directs the Advanced Flow Diagnostics and Experimental Aerodynamics Laboratory, and Aircraft Icing Physics and Anti-/De-Icing Technology Laboratory at Iowa State University. His research focuses in part on challenging thermal-fluids problems, including aircraft icing physics; aeroengine icing and anti-/de-icing; wind turbine aeromechanics and wind farm aerodynamics.; heat transfer of gas turbines and cooling technology.


The science behind frozen wind turbines – and how to keep them spinning through the winter

By: - March 7, 2021

Winter is supposed to be the best season for wind power – the winds are stronger, and since air density increases as the temperature drops, more force is pushing on the blades. But winter also comes with a problem: freezing weather. Even light icing can produce enough surface roughness on wind turbine blades to reduce […]