Kathie Obradovich

Kathie Obradovich

Editor Kathie Obradovich has been covering Iowa government and politics for more than 30 years, most recently as political columnist and opinion editor for the Des Moines Register. She previously covered the Iowa Statehouse for 10 years for newspapers in Davenport, Waterloo, Sioux City, Mason City and Muscatine. She is a leading voice on Iowa politics and makes regular appearances on state, national and international news programs. She has led national-award-winning coverage of the Iowa Caucuses and the Register’s Iowa Poll.

Iowa House votes to bar ‘vaccine passports,’ turns down effort to include health care facilities

By: - April 28, 2021

The Iowa House approved legislation to outlaw so-called “vaccine passports” Wednesday after first voting down a proposal to eliminate an exclusion for health care facilities. “Fundamentally, this a liberty issue,” Rep. Steven Holt, R-Denison, who floor-managed the bill, said. The bill forbids the state or local governments from creating a document certifying a person has […]

Reynolds: Mobile COVID-19 vaccination clinics may be headed to ballparks, farmers’ markets

By: - April 28, 2021

Iowans may soon have a chance to get a COVID-19 jab with their hotdog at the ballpark or with their fresh produce from the local farmers’ market, Gov. Kim Reynolds said Wednesday. Iowa has seen slowing demand for the vaccine. The number of doses administered in Iowa dropped 10% compared to a week ago, according […]

Reynolds signs broadband expansion, says she’s ‘thrilled’ with lawmakers’ commitment of $100 million

By: - April 28, 2021

Iowa’s status as the state with the second-lowest internet speeds will soon get an upgrade, Gov. Kim Reynolds said Tuesday before signing a bill expected to provide hundreds of millions of dollars for broadband expansion across the state. “With my signature today, the state of Iowa’s broadband infrastructure is about to reverse quickly and dramatically. […]

Bill barring ‘vaccine passports’ on legislative fast track

By: - April 27, 2021

Legislation to ban so-called “vaccine passports” and prevent unvaccinated people from being excluded from businesses and other public venues continued on a fast track in the Iowa Legislature Tuesday. The Senate Commerce Committee advanced Senate File 610 Wednesday afternoon without changes on an 11-4 vote. “I don’t believe it’s appropriate for the state of Iowa […]

Bill banning ‘vaccine passports’ excludes health care facilities, workers

By: - April 26, 2021

Lawmakers advanced legislation Monday aimed at prohibiting businesses and other entities from excluding people who haven’t been vaccinated against COVID-19. The House Judiciary Committee voted 16-5 to move House File 889 to the floor for debate. The bill would forbid state or local governments from creating a so-called “vaccine passport” or document that proves a […]


Legislators aren’t doing their job. It’s time for the governor to do hers.

By: - April 26, 2021

One of the first things I learned when I started covering the Iowa Legislature almost 30 years ago was the only work lawmakers really have to do is pass a budget. Everything else is optional. And yet, we are starting what should be the final week of the 2021 session without a single budget bill […]

Senate votes to cut civil penalty for deer poaching

By: - April 21, 2021

Iowa senators, citing concerns about crop damage and car accidents caused by deer, approved a bill Wednesday to cut by two-thirds the civil penalty for killing antlerless deer out of season and ordering a study on deer population in the state. Sen. Ken Rozenboom, R-Oskaloosa, said he regularly sees as many as nine deer carcasses […]


GOP lawmakers’ actions speak louder than their words on law enforcement

By: - April 19, 2021

“Now before we get into this debate tonight, let me be clear. If you support law enforcement — truly support law enforcement, you will be voting ‘yes’ tonight. If you stand up tonight and say you support law enforcement, your words will become meaningless with a ‘no’ vote on this bill. Actions speak louder than […]


GOP lawmakers use budget to bludgeon state universities

By: - April 12, 2021

Iowans who remember what it was like to live in a state that prized education no doubt heaved a sigh of relief when a vindictive and counterproductive bill to ban tenure at state universities failed to advance in the Legislature. Iowa employers, chamber groups and agriculture associations lobbied against that bill, which they said would […]

Committee approves $20 million increase for prisons as Reynolds promises Anamosa investigation

By: and - April 7, 2021

The House Appropriations Committee approved a $34.6 million increase in the proposed budget for state justice systems Wednesday, including what a lawmaker called “possibly a record increase” of $20.5 million for state prison salaries and staffing. Rep. Gary Worthan, R-Storm Lake, called the proposal a “culmination” of his 11 years overseeing this budget.  “It’s not […]

Iowa Senate changes proposed abortion amendment

By: - April 6, 2021

The Iowa Senate on Tuesday passed an altered version of a proposed constitutional amendment that would declare there is no right to an abortion. The House passed House Joint Resolution 5 on Jan. 27. The original language stated: “To defend and protect unborn children, we the people of the State of Iowa declare that this Constitution […]


There’s still time for Iowa lawmakers to address real-world problems

By: - April 5, 2021

At first, I thought it must be a typo:  A bill in the Iowa Senate moved out of subcommittee last week with the votes of far-right Republican Sen. Jim Carlin and Iowa City progressive Sen. Joe Bolkcom. The bill, a measure aimed at protecting health-care professionals from surgical smoke, didn’t survive last week’s funnel deadline. […]