Michael Bugeja

Michael Bugeja

Michael Bugeja is the author of "Living Media Ethics" (Routledge/Taylor & Francis) and "Interpersonal Divide in the Age of the Machine" (Oxford Univ. Press). He is a regular contributor to Iowa Capital Dispatch and is writing a series of columns on the topic of "Living Ethics."


‘App-ocalypse’ in the Iowa caucus

By: - February 4, 2020

We’re all living in accelerated digital time. Technology does that. We want what we want when we want it: on demand.

Donald Trump points to his head, wearing a red hat, and standing in front of an American flag.

Living ethics: Human condition v. human nature

By: - January 27, 2020

When discussing political candidates, media often use (and sometimes confuse) the terms “human condition” and “human nature.” No one bothers to define them. What, exactly, is the human condition? What is human nature? The educational platform,, defines both. The human condition concerns our positive and negative qualities whereas human nature involves our emotional responses […]

Declaration of Independence

We have a constitutional right to pursue happiness but many don’t know how

By: - January 7, 2020

Happiness is a distinct American virtue. It is one of three natural rights along with life and liberty in the Declaration of Independence whose author, Thomas Jefferson, never explained what he meant by pursuing it.