Pattison Sand withdraws plan to export Iowa water

BY: - February 17, 2020

Pattison Sand Co. of Clayton has officially withdrawn its permit application to export Iowa water from Jordan wells to drought-stricken western states. The action came after the Iowa Department of Natural Resources announced it planned to deny the permit because the plan would not benefit Iowans or meet the state’s goal to conserve water. Pattison […]

Ten counties skip master matrix on confinements

BY: - February 13, 2020

For the third straight year, 10 counties have declined to adopt a state checklist meant to protect the neighbors of animal-confinement operations. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources reports that 89 of 99 counties have indicated they will use the master matrix to evaluate construction permit applications and proposed sites for animal confinements through Jan. 31 […]

Bicycles or motor vehicles? Lawmakers work to classify low-speed, electric bikes

BY: - February 13, 2020

Low-speed, electric bicycles are blazing trails in traffic laws around the country and Iowa lawmakers are trying to decide how to treat these new hybrids. So-called e-bikes are designed so that a rider may pedal them with or without assistance from a low-power motor.  Bicycle advocates want them to be classified more like unpowered bikes, […]

Reynolds launches town-hall tour to promote Invest in Iowa Act

BY: - February 12, 2020

Gov. Kim Reynolds launched a town-hall tour on Wednesday to promote her proposed Invest in Iowa Act. House Study Bill 657 would raise the state sales tax to generate an estimated $540 million for environmental programs, mental health resources and income-tax relief. “I’m going to go out there and drive this,” Reynolds said during her […]

DOT doles out $9 million for city buses

BY: - February 12, 2020

A state panel has cleared the way for 21 Iowa transit agencies to replace a 107 vans and buses. The Iowa Transportation Commission voted Tuesday to provide $9 million in federal funds for the replacement vehicles. In some cases, local agencies are experimenting with buses using natural gas or batteries for power. There was a […]

Bill promotes renewable energy, efficiency at public schools

BY: - February 11, 2020

The Iowa Energy Center would be required to come up with a plan to aid public schools with energy efficiency projects through grants under a bill introduced in the Iowa House of Representatives Tuesday. House File 2331 would require the center to add recommendations for projects and grants for elementary and secondary public schools to […]

State agency defends its policy on public access to information

BY: - February 11, 2020

Iowa Workforce Development has responded to a formal complaint that its process of handling public-information requests is illegal. The department says its policy of requiring all public-information requests and all public-records requests to be put in writing and submitted through an online portal “is a process designed to ease the burden on both requester and […]

Bill would restrict restoration of voting rights if voters amend the state constitution

BY: - February 10, 2020

GOP state senators advanced a bill Monday that would restrict restoration of voting rights for Iowans who have committed certain serious crimes and who still owe restitution to their victims. Senate File 2129 was designed to take effect only if Iowa voters approve a constitutional amendment that Gov. Kim Reynolds has requested for automatic restoration […]

Gov. Vilsack wins $150K in Powerball

BY: - February 10, 2020

Former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack had forgotten the Powerball ticket in his briefcase for 10 days. He’s like many of us. He buys a ticket when the jackpot gets big, because, hey, if you are going to lose, you might as well lose big. Plus the money helps pay for state services. When he finally […]

Two campaigns request partial recanvass of caucus results

BY: - February 10, 2020

Campaigns for Sen. Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg have each asked the Iowa Democratic Party for a partial recanvass of caucus results, the Iowa Democratic Party said Monday. The Sanders campaign requested a review of 25 precincts and three satellite sites. “While a recanvass is just the first step in the process and (while) we […]

Want a Memorial Day campsite? Here’s how to reserve one.

BY: - February 10, 2020

If you’re planning to reserve a campsite at one of Iowa’s state parks for the Memorial Day weekend, mark your calendar for Feb. 22. That’s the first day you can reserve sites for the holiday weekend, because campsites can’t be reserved more than three months in advance. Memorial Day weekend runs May 22-25 and opens […]

Buttigieg wins 14 national delegates in Iowa caucuses; Sanders wins 12

BY: - February 9, 2020

Pete Buttigieg received 14 national delegates from the Iowa caucuses and Sen. Bernie Sanders received 12, the Iowa Democratic Party reported Sunday, along with updated results of the caucuses. Buttigieg had 564 or 26.2% of state delegate equivalents as of Sunday evening, with 100 percent of precincts reporting. Sanders had 562 or 26.1% of state […]