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Prime corn yields are likely gone for Iowa farmers, agronomist says

BY: - May 10, 2022

Corn farmers in Iowa are unlikely to net the high yields of recent years because their planting has been delayed significantly by cold and rain, according to an Iowa State University agronomist. The impact of that delay will depend heavily on farmers’ progress in the next two weeks and weather conditions for the next several […]

Grassley calls for more federal funding to combat bird flu

BY: - May 10, 2022

Following the destruction of more than 13 million Iowa birds, Sen. Chuck Grassley led a call for more federal funding to combat the latest bout of highly contagious and deadly avian influenza. A new letter, signed by Grassley, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar and nine other senators, asks for the fiscal year 2023 budget to include […]

Iowa corn planting now two weeks behind average

BY: - May 9, 2022

Farmers eager to plant corn were further delayed this past week by cold and rain and are now two weeks behind the five-year average, according to a Monday report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It’s a crucial time for the corn crop because the optimum planting window is closing, according to Iowa State University […]

DNR: Southeast Polk stadium builders failed to control erosion

BY: - May 9, 2022

Soil-laden stormwater runoff from the new Southeast Polk Community School District stadium site polluted a nearby creek last year because builders didn’t take enough precautions to limit erosion, according to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. The school district agreed to pay a fine of $6,000 for the November 2021 violation, a DNR administrative order […]

Legislature on the verge of requiring Missouri schools test, filter water for lead

BY: - May 7, 2022

Missouri lawmakers are poised to require schools to test and, potentially, filter drinking water to prevent lead poisoning, making the state one of just a handful that require administrators to meet standards stricter than federal regulations. The state offers grants for schools to pay for water testing, but there is no requirement to test, and […]

Bird flu isn’t as bad this year because of Iowa’s response, ag officials say

BY: - May 6, 2022

The current outbreak of highly contagious and deadly avian influenza has affected far more flocks and states this year than the last outbreak seven years ago, but the number of birds that have been culled this year is fewer. Why? Iowa. In the 2014-2015 outbreak, Iowa accounted for about two-thirds of the more than 50 […]

West Des Moines cuts ‘forever chemicals’ from drinking water

BY: - May 3, 2022

The treated drinking water of West Des Moines no longer has detectable amounts of two prominent toxic chemicals that persist indefinitely in the environment, according to recent test results. West Des Moines Water Works shut down a contaminated well late last year after sampling by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources revealed it had troubling […]

Low soil temps, soggy conditions slow spring corn planting

BY: - May 2, 2022

A stretch of cold and wet weather has significantly delayed Iowa’s corn planting this year, and the window for optimal yields is shrinking. Just 9% of the state’s corn crop has been planted, according to a Monday report by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. In the past five years, about 42% of […]


Should Iowa change how we pay for electricity?

BY: - May 2, 2022

Most of us rarely think about electrical power until we flip the light switch and nothing happens. Or until we get the bill and it’s a lot higher than we were expecting. But changes are coming that affect the way we use electrical power, from the rise of electric vehicles and renewable energy sources to […]


Poor pay and benefits deplete U.S. firefighting workforce

BY: - May 1, 2022

When wildfire season roared into New Mexico in mid-April — even earlier than usual in our warming world — firefighters answered the calls for help. They showed up across the state to race the dry winds driving flames into the mountains, along the Rio Grande, and into neighborhoods and across ranches.  Some of the men […]

EPA issues waiver for sales of 15 percent ethanol blend during summer driving season

BY: - April 29, 2022

WASHINGTON — The EPA issued a fuel waiver Friday afternoon to allow for a heightened ethanol gasoline blend to be sold at service stations this summer, an attempt by the Biden administration to lower soaring fuel prices. In a letter to Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, EPA administrator Michael S. Regan wrote that the waiver will allow gas stations to sell […]

D.C. Dispatch: Iowa delegation joins on bipartisan aid for Ukraine

BY: - April 29, 2022

Iowa’s D.C. delegation joined together this week to give bipartisan support for more sanctions against Russia and aid for Ukraine as the war continues to devastate the eastern European country. Iowa lawmakers also addressed issues related to school transgender policy, inflation’s toll on small business, cattle pricing, telehealth and more. All four of Iowa’s representatives […]