Election 2024

Trump to UAW: Endorse me or you won’t have a union

BY: - September 28, 2023

Former President Donald Trump told United Auto Workers (UAW) leaders Wednesday that they would not have a union if they fail to endorse him in the 2024 presidential election. “They have to endorse Trump, because if they don’t, all they’re doing is committing suicide,” Trump said. UAW President Shawn Fain criticized Trump’s Wednesday night visit […]

U.S. Senate panel weighs free speech and deep fakes in AI campaign ads

BY: - September 28, 2023

Artificial intelligence could be used to disrupt U.S. election campaigns, members of the U.S. Senate Committee on Rules and Administration said during a Wednesday hearing. But the hearing showed that imposing laws and regulations on campaign content without violating constitutional rights to political speech will be difficult. Elections pose a particular challenge for AI, an […]

GOP presidential hopefuls tear into each other and absent Trump at second debate

BY: and - September 28, 2023

The candidates polling from second to eighth in the race for the Republican nomination for president largely agreed on policy, fought over their records and took aim at former President Donald Trump Wednesday night at their second debate of the year. Trump, who leads polls of the race by substantial margins, skipped the event at […]

Donald Trump points to his head, wearing a red hat, and standing in front of an American flag.

UAW president says Trump visit to non-union Michigan company is a ‘pathetic irony’

BY: - September 27, 2023

A day after President Joe Biden joined striking United Auto Workers on the picket line in Michigan alongside UAW President Shawn Fain, the labor leader says he has no intention of meeting with former President Donald Trump when he speaks Wednesday at a non-union automotive parts manufacturer and supplier in Macomb County. Fain, speaking Tuesday […]

Biden makes historic visit to metro Detroit picket line to rally with striking auto workers

BY: - September 26, 2023

In the midst of ongoing negotiations between striking auto workers and Detroit’s Big Three manufacturers, President Joe Biden made an appearance Tuesday on the picket line in Belleville, Michigan. Speaking to picketers from UAW Local 174 at Willow Run Redistribution Center in metro Detroit, Biden said that unions “saved the automobile industry” in times of […]


Women and gender equity: How we can learn from the past and improve in the future

BY: - September 24, 2023

Today we focus on Colonial figures cited as America’s first feminists: “Silence Dogood” (aka Benjamin Franklin) and Abigail Adams, first lady to second President John Adams and mother to sixth President John Quincy Adams. Their observations were prescient. At 16, Benjamin wanted to write for his older brother’s newspaper, the New England Courant, but James […]

Anti-democratic moves by state lawmakers raise fears for 2024 election

BY: - September 23, 2023

In Wisconsin, Republican lawmakers are threatening to impeach both the state’s election administrator, who is highly regarded nationally, and a state Supreme Court justice despite a ruling by the state’s judicial commission that the justice had done nothing wrong — effectively nullifying a recent statewide election she won, Democrats say. In North Carolina, a bill […]

Libertarian Party of Iowa announces it will hold caucuses Jan. 15

BY: - September 22, 2023

The Libertarian Party of Iowa announced Friday it plans to hold its presidential caucuses Jan. 15, 2024 alongside the state’s Republican and Democratic caucuses. Jules Cutler, chair of the Libertarian Party of Iowa, said in a statement that the party plans to hold events that reflect Libertarians’ “commitment to genuine representation and a bottom-up approach […]


Trump opens the door to attacks in Iowa — but will his rivals take advantage?

BY: - September 21, 2023

The Republican nomination fight in Iowa is getting a lot more interesting. Ron DeSantis and Tim Scott are ditching the kid gloves and taking on Donald Trump on the issue of abortion. In an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” program Sunday, Trump called Florida’s 6-week abortion ban a “terrible mistake.” That opened the door to the Florida governor, […]

Donald Trump defends abortion position, ramps up Iowa campaign plans

BY: - September 20, 2023

DUBUQUE — Former President Donald Trump defended his position on abortion following criticism from some Republicans, saying that GOP politicians need to learn how to “properly talk” about the issue in order to win elections. The former president made two stops in northeast Iowa Wednesday afternoon. After speaking in Maquoketa, Trump held a rally at the […]

GOP presidential candidates focus on abortion, Israel, parental rights at evangelical event

BY: and - September 16, 2023

Republican presidential candidates emphasized their support for abortion restrictions, parental rights and Israel while working Saturday night to win over evangelical Iowa caucusgoers. More than 1,000 people gathered in Des Moines for the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition annual fall banquet. The conservative Christian organization has played an influential role in the Republican presidential race […]

Presidential candidate Nikki Haley talks foreign policy with Terry Branstad

BY: - September 16, 2023

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley sat down to talk foreign policy and economics Saturday with a fellow former governor and former Trump administration ambassador – Terry Branstad. Branstad and Haley served together as Republican governors — of Iowa and South Carolina respectively — before leaving their posts to serve under former President Donald Trump. Branstad, […]