Artemis 1 moon mission stirs memories of Iowans’ ties to space exploration

BY: - December 20, 2022

It is amazing what takes up room in our memory. Yes, our basement can accommodate stacks of storage bins and shelves lined with boxes filled with what we politely assure our spouse is “important stuff” from our life. Our memory is no larger than our head, but long-forgotten details are tucked away there amid the […]

‘Untraditional’ Hanukkah celebrations are often full of traditions for Jews of color

BY: - December 19, 2022

Hanukkah, the Jewish “festival of lights,” commemorates a story of a miracle, when oil meant to last for one day lasted for eight. Today, Jews light the menorah, a candelabra with eight candles – and one “helper” candle, called a shamas – to remember the Hanukkah oil, which kept the Jerusalem temple’s everlasting lamp burning […]

Holidays are an opportunity to help others in need

BY: - December 18, 2022

Thankfully we are past the 2022 midterm election. I can hear many voters exuding a sigh of relief and shouting, after $17 billion was spent on disinformation, misinformation and the occasional truthful political ad, “yes, finally, the election is over.” Normal life – I think — is back and we’ve jumped right into the holiday […]

The U.S. Supreme Court could fall on this slippery slope of discrimination

BY: - December 13, 2022

Few people like being told what they must do. Lorie Smith is one of them. The suburban Denver, Colo., business owner, a devout Christian, builds websites for customers. She wants to expand her business and begin building websites for couples who are planning weddings. But she is adamant that she does not want to be […]

Here’s why this Iowa parent supports educational savings accounts for private schools

BY: - December 10, 2022

We’re nearly three years past the start of the COVID pandemic and life is returning to pre-pandemic times, except for one area — education. Parents got an unprecedented opportunity for an up-close view into the education their children were being provided. Awareness brought about an increased demand from parents for more educational options for their […]

Emergency medical services in Iowa are operating without a net

BY: - December 9, 2022

I still can hear the phone ringing. It was a continuous shrill ring, clearly distinct from an ordinary  call. No matter the time of day, my heart would begin to race. When I picked up the receiver, I’d hear worried — and sometimes frantic — voices asking for help. It wasn’t a wrong number — […]

Singing a different tune on ag conservation

BY: - December 8, 2022

Cutting in corporate America on climate policy appears to be clearing a path for a rational farm bill discussion as the new Congress organizes. House Republican leaders are making sympathetic comments about a strong conservation title in the five-year farm bill that is supposed to be written next year. Incoming House Ag Committee Chair Rep. […]

Iowa Democrats shouldn’t lose sight of what is truly important

BY: - December 7, 2022

Judging from the furrowed brows and dire predictions in Iowa, you might have thought a national Democratic Party committee had voted to eliminate motherhood and apple pie last week. Actually, what the committee voted to eliminate were Iowa’s first-in-the-nation Democratic precinct caucuses — a quirky, though coveted, kick-off role for Iowa Democrats in the party’s […]

There goes another perfectly good cornfield

BY: - December 6, 2022

Like many small communities in Iowa, my hometown of Huxley is surrounded on all four sides by farmland. Recently, as I was heading out on Highway 69 to go to work in Des Moines, something caught my eye in the middle of a field on the south edge of town: a convoy of pickups and […]

The Iowa Democratic caucuses gave a voice to rural voters

BY: - December 5, 2022

By Barbara Trish and Bill Menner The death knell of the Iowa caucuses wasn’t sounded last week when the DNC’s Rules & Bylaws Committee recommended a 2024 presidential nomination calendar that left out Iowa. It was sounded in 2016, when the caucus process was called into question by supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. And […]

Biden’s move to replace Iowa would upend five decades of tradition

BY: - December 4, 2022

Barring a miracle, Iowa’s first-in-the-nation status is over. On Thursday, President Biden asked the Democratic National Committee to put South Carolina first on the 2024 presidential nominating calendar, followed by Nevada and New Hampshire a week later; after that would be Georgia, then Michigan. On Friday, the party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee ratified the new lineup. […]

Not much will change if Iowa stands its ground on caucuses

BY: - December 3, 2022

Word came Thursday that President Biden was trying to take Iowa out of its first-in-the-nation starting position for the presidential nominating process for Democrats. Turns out he’s not a big fan of caucuses in general either. Update:  The Democratic National Committee’s rules and bylaws panel on Friday voted in favor of Biden’s recommendation to start […]