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Board of Regents moves forward on new free speech policies for Iowa universities

BY: - June 2, 2021

Iowa college students are going to see new training, resources and public commitments to the First Amendment when they return to school in the fall. The Board of Regents met with university provosts and administrators Wednesday to discuss new policies to protect free speech on campus. Beginning in the upcoming academic year, all three Regents […]

House passes controversial bill to ban ‘divisive concepts’ from school training, curriculum

BY: - March 16, 2021

The House passed two pieces of legislation Monday on free speech training in Iowa’s schools, including a controversial bill that would forbid certain “divisive concepts” from diversity training and curriculum. The first bill, House File 744, requires the Board of Regents to develop free speech training for faculty members and any individuals with student oversight. […]

Iowa Senate passes free-speech bill that restricts ‘divisive concepts’ in school training

BY: - March 8, 2021

The Iowa Senate passed a bill Monday that would require First Amendment training for public colleges. The bill also defines certain “divisive” concepts that may not be taught in schools, centered around the idea that no individual is inherently racist or sexist. Sen. Amy Sinclair, R-Allerton, led floor debate on Senate File 478. She said […]

Free speech at Iowa colleges: Lawmakers review three 2020 incidents

BY: - February 3, 2021

Free speech on college campuses is once again under the microscope of Iowa’s Republican lawmakers.  Administrators from Iowa’s three regent universities met with a committee of lawmakers Tuesday to discuss free speech failings on campus. In each case, a conservative student or group felt their free speech rights were limited by fellow students, professors or […]

he State Capital of Iowa is reflected by the Henry A Wallace Building

Good goal, bad bill: Legislation to protect ‘political ideology’ is deeply flawed

BY: - February 1, 2021

Should the Republican Party of Iowa be prohibited from discrimination against Democrats in its hiring practices? Should the NRA’s local chapter be forced to hire a gun-control advocate who otherwise qualifies for the job? Should presidential candidates running in the Iowa caucuses run afoul of the law if they insist on hiring only staff who […]

Lawmakers consider including ‘political ideology’ under Iowa Civil Rights Act

BY: - January 27, 2021

Iowa Republican lawmakers say they are confronting “cancel culture” with a proposal to make political ideology a protected class under the Iowa Civil Rights Act. “The woke culture philosophy of intolerance and hatred, of demanding all must agree, I think is profoundly dangerous and disturbing in our country,” Rep. Steven Holt, R-Denison said. “That is […]

Biden aide: Trump’s anti-Goodyear tweet about MAGA hat ban shows ‘fundamental failing’ of president

BY: - August 19, 2020

A top aide to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Wednesday said President Donald Trump’s tweet suggesting people avoid buying Goodyear tires because the company discouraged political attire at work shows the president’s “fundamental failing.”  Responding to a reporter’s question at a press briefing, Biden communications director Kate Bedingfield said Trump’s objection to what he […]