COVID-19 recovery


Pandemic misery index reveals far-reaching impact of COVID-19 on American lives, especially on Blacks and Latinos

BY: - June 6, 2021

With more than 30 million people infected and 550,000 dead, the U.S. is among the nations hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. From job loss to housing insecurity to mental distress, the social, psychological and economic hardships brought on by the pandemic are extensive and likely to outlast the pandemic itself. To better understand the […]


A strong minority entrepreneurial community is key to a stronger post-pandemic Iowa

BY: - April 15, 2021

As Iowa continues to recover from the pain wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important we begin the healing process to rebuild towards a sense of normalcy. That starts with supporting small businesses through this transition, especially ones that are minority-owned. Minority-owned small businesses across the US have seen outsized impacts on their business, with […]