election integrity

Republicans push back against federal approval for changes in state voting laws

BY: - June 29, 2021

WASHINGTON — Republicans during a U.S. House Judiciary panel hearing on Tuesday argued that a bill that would reinstate a preclearance section of the 1965 Voting Rights Act is unnecessary because there is no discrimination in voting. The top Republican on the panel, Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., said the legislation is not needed and the […]

Voting rights advocates air worries about onslaught of new state election laws

BY: - April 1, 2021

WASHINGTON — A U.S. House elections panel on Thursday heard from witnesses about the need to craft a new formula that identifies which states or jurisdictions have problematic histories of racial discrimination when it comes to access to the ballot box. The hearing in the House Administration Committee’s elections subcommittee also served as a way […]

As GOP rewrites election laws, voting rights advocates point to Tennessee’s low turnout

BY: - March 31, 2021

As Republican-led legislatures pass laws they say are aimed at ratcheting up election security, voting rights advocates worry the entire nation could soon look a lot like Tennessee, where voter turnout and voter registration figures are among the lowest in the country. The policy debate over voting rights and election integrity has exploded in statehouses […]

Biden slams ‘un-American’ GOP drive to curb voting rights in the states

BY: - March 25, 2021

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden on Thursday in his first formal news conference since taking office blasted Republican-controlled state legislatures that are seeking to restrict voting access, labeling those attempts “sick” and “un-American.” Biden specifically referenced proposals like those working their way through Georgia’s state Capitol, where a final vote loomed on a GOP-drafted bill that would […]


Making it easier to vote does not threaten election integrity

BY: - March 21, 2021

As state legislators consider hundreds of bills on election policies this spring, false claims of voter fraud are being repeated as justification for proposals to claw back recent advances that have made voting easier for Americans. In debates about election policy, making it easier to vote and election integrity are frequently presented as opposing goals. […]

Iowa’s new elections bill already facing its first legal challenge

BY: - March 9, 2021

Calling Iowa’s new election law “a cynical manipulation of the electoral process” and “an exercise in voter suppression,” the League of United Latin American Citizens of Iowa has filed a lawsuit against the state to block its implementation. The lawsuit, filed in Polk County District Court, names Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate and Iowa […]

State tries to block a hearing over how it spent $4.8 million on election integrity

BY: - March 5, 2021

An Iowa county auditor who questioned how the state was spending millions of dollars earmarked for election integrity is now pursuing the matter in court. In July 2019, Linn County Auditor Joel Miller, a Democrat, filed a public-records request with Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate, a Republican. Miller noted that in 2018 the state’s […]


Here’s what has Iowa election officials spooked as early voting begins

BY: - October 5, 2020

It’s Election Day in Iowa — or the start of it, anyway. Oct. 5 is the first day Iowans can cast their votes for the 2020 general election, either by returning absentee ballots or voting at satellite stations or their county auditor’s office. This day comes amid the most tumultuous times in memory. President Trump’s […]