Grassley: Maintaining Senate filibuster rules is the only opportunity for bipartisanship

BY: - June 29, 2021

Speaking in front of a crowd of northwest Iowans, Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann asked Iowa’s sitting senators: What keeps you up at night? U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley responded that he worried Democrats would decide to do away with the Senate filibuster, a rule that requires 60 votes to advance most bills.  “There […]

Filibusted: Experts say the time has come to end Senate practice

BY: - June 6, 2021

Even the stuffy, florid name of the procedure, “filibuster” sounds like something conceived around a table of wig-wearing Founding Fathers. While the name has its roots in the 18th century (with pirates nonetheless), the concept and practice in the United States Senate is much younger, not being implemented in a modern form until 1917. Known […]