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‘If we don’t do it now … this is never going to happen’: Senators advance mental health tax cut

BY: - May 10, 2021

There’s still no agreement between the House and Senate on taxes as both chambers advance mismatched proposals. The Senate held a meeting Monday about Senate File 1276, the tax “compromise” proposed last week by Gov. Kim Reynolds. The House has not agreed to the proposal. Sen. Dan Dawson, R-Council Bluffs, said Reynolds’ plan was “the […]

Iowa lawmakers encourage vaccinations as counties decline state allotments

BY: - April 22, 2021

One day after Gov. Kim Reynolds urged Iowans to overcome “vaccine hesitancy,” Democratic lawmakers shared details of their own shots and their fully vaccinated summer plans. Rep. Jennifer Konfrst, D-Windsor Heights, told reporters Thursday that she felt “liberation and enthusiasm” after her second vaccine dose, encouraging Iowans to schedule their own appointments.  “Now is the […]

Iowa’s 2nd District race sparks national debate, could color ’22 campaigns

BY: - March 22, 2021

The overtime race in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District has turned into a debate over political tactics that many think could color the 2022 elections. Among new developments is a complaint from nine House Republicans who voted to impeach then-President Donald Trump and now see the Iowa race as another threat to election integrity. Meanwhile, Politico […]

Iowa Senate passes two bills to increase riot penalties and prevent police defunding

BY: - March 10, 2021

The Iowa Senate passed two policing bills Wednesday that would introduce new penalties for riot-related crimes, prevent Iowa cities and counties from decreasing police budgets and give immunity to drivers who accidentally hit protesters in the street. The bills represented some parts of Gov. Kim Reynolds’ “Back the Blue Act.” Lawmakers split the governor’s proposal […]

he State Capital of Iowa is reflected by the Henry A Wallace Building

Alive or dead? Here’s a status report on legislative issues

BY: - March 5, 2021

More than 375 bills ranging from allowing home delivery of alcohol to keeping Iowa on daylight savings time year-around have cleared the Iowa Legislature’s first major hurdle. Many others have failed to advance past the so-called “funnel.” The Legislature’s self-imposed deadline required many bills to clear at least one committee by the end of this […]

Grassley files ’22 election form with FEC, but still won’t say if he’s running

BY: - March 3, 2021

U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, on Wednesday filed a “statement of candidacy” with the Federal Election Commission for the 2022 election. In a phone call with reporters, Grassley declined to say whether he is running for re-election. “I have been pretty consistent telling the press and people privately that we are going to make that […]


Republican lawmakers aren’t improving election security

BY: - February 24, 2021

Iowa’s 2020 election was one for the record books — with 1.7 million people marking ballots. It was an impressive turnout in Iowa — with 76% of Iowa’s eligible voters taking part. There were no allegations of election fraud or polling place shenanigans in Iowa. No one suggested people from cemeteries were casting ballots in […]


GOP talking points on new election legislation don’t hold water

BY: - February 22, 2021

As Republicans in the Iowa Statehouse prepare to once again make major changes in state election laws, the prevailing question Iowans have been asking is why. Why, when Iowa had record voter turnout during the COVID-19 pandemic, would lawmakers want to mess with success? Why, after Donald Trump won the state and the GOP won […]

Iowa Democratic and GOP party chairs spar over health care

BY: - March 5, 2020

The chairmen of the state Democratic and Republican parties held dueling news conferences Thursday to highlight what they both say will be a central issue in the race for U.S. Senate: health care. Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Mark Smith scheduled a tour around the state to discuss Republican U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst’s voting record on […]

Grassley not yet ready to call it a career

BY: - February 19, 2020

CEDAR FALLS – U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley says he’s not yet ready to decide whether his current term of office will be his last. “You’ll have to ask me a year and a half from now,” the seven-term, 86-year-old senator said Tuesday after an appearance at the Cedar Falls Rotary Club. “Now if you’d asked […]

Students hold up tall, vertical signs with the names of presidential candidates.

The Iowa Caucuses encourage an educated, engaged citizenry that society needs

BY: - February 9, 2020

I come to praise the Iowa Caucuses, not to bury them. Oh, I’m relieved that they are over for 2020, despite the ignominious way they slunk off the public stage. But as an educator, I’d argue that the caucuses, for all their faults, are a wonderful model for, and encouragement of, engaged citizenry and civil […]


The avoidable Iowa Caucus tragedy

BY: - February 8, 2020

Sadly, it’s now called “The Iowa Caucuses debacle.” I have loved the caucuses since 1970, when I started teaching at Iowa State. It didn’t have to end this way. When the Democratic National Committee’s “Unity Reform Commission” started talking about how to change the Iowa caucuses, I knew that 2020 would be a disaster. Never […]