vaccine hesistancy

Many health care workers don’t trust vaccine, nationally and in Iowa

BY: - July 20, 2021

A small survey of health care workers in Iowa care facilities suggests many of them don’t believe the COVID-19 vaccines are safe. The survey by Iowa Caregivers elicited responses from only 20 direct-care workers, but the results are consistent with some of the broader, national surveys and findings by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid […]

More than one-third of Iowa’s state-employed caregivers still refusing COVID-19 vaccine

BY: - May 13, 2021

As state officials continue to encourage Iowans to be vaccinated against COVID-19, more than a third of the workers at state-run care facilities continue to refuse the vaccine. The most recently released data from the Iowa Department of Human Services shows that as of May 7, a total of 36% of state employees at the […]

States offer gift cards, clinics at baseball games, worksite shots in push to increase vaccinations

BY: - May 11, 2021

WASHINGTON — Maine officials are enticing residents to get a COVID-19 vaccine by offering free fishing or hunting licenses and L.L. Bean gift cards. Ohio has the National Guard taking shots to the lobbies of senior housing facilities, so those residents need only to come downstairs. And in Minnesota, Gov. Tim Walz says that if […]

Many state-employed caregivers are still refusing the COVID-19 vaccine

BY: - April 22, 2021

Up to 45% of the state employees at publicly managed care facilities are still refusing the COVID-19 vaccine, despite the governor’s ongoing pleas for all Iowans to be vaccinated. Some of those who are refusing the vaccine are health care workers providing direct, hands-on care for individuals, and some are administrators. The six state-run care […]

Biden calls for paid time off for vaccinations as U.S. hits 200 million goal

BY: - April 21, 2021

WASHINGTON — Federal and state officials now face trying to reach Americans unable or unwilling to get the COVID-19 vaccine, after meeting President Joe Biden’s goal of administering 200 million doses within his first 100 days in office. To aid in that push, Biden on Wednesday called on employers to give their workers time off […]